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What We Do

Cremation Ceremonies

Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory prides itself on performing its own cremation services onsite. You will have the comfort in knowing we are able to monitor all aspects of the cremation process and insure  that everything has been handled properly and with care.

 Signature Services℠

It's important to take the time to acknowledge the uniqueness of the deceased: the individuality of their personality, and the uniqueness of their life's path. Mountain View Signature Services℠ can help create a unique and personalized ceremony for your loved one.   Read More

Cemetery Cremation Options

Today many families are choosing cremation as an alternative to traditional burial; and there are several ways to create a lasting memorial for loved ones to visit.  Mountain View offers an extensive selection, including glass-front niches, granite memorial benches, and boulders that have been adapted to hold cremated remains.  Click here to read more about your options .

Can I still have a funeral or celebration gathering

Families choosing cremation have the same opportunities for a funeral or celebration gathering as do families choosing burial. The choice to have cremation is just a decision about the method of disposition of a body, not a choice for or against a funeral service.

Funeral service or gathering options available when cremation is chosen can include:

*Cremation following a more traditional service in a chapel or church. This usually includes viewing and having the body present at the service.

* Cremation with a viewing time for family and friends followed by a "memorial service" (a service without the body present).

* Cremation without viewing and either preceding or following a memorial service.

* Cremation with viewing and no formal service.

* Cremation without viewing either preceding or following a reception time for the family and friends to gather and reminisce.

* Cremation without viewing or ceremony.

The family can decide whether or not the actual urn is to be present when a memorial service is planned.

After the cremation process the remains may be:

* Placed in our cemetery either on a grave space with a loved one, in a columbarium or mausoleum      niche or scattered in one of our "scattering areas"

* Returned to the family or delivered to another cemetery for placement

* Memorialized in other ways

The cremated remains may also be divided upon proper request from the family with portions being placed into "keepsake" urns and jewelry for family members to keep and treasure. The remaining portion can then be placed using any of the above methods.

Our directors are able to help you explore all of the options and decisions with cremation. Some firms may not have the ability to offer you the same or as many options since they may not have their own crematory or may not have a full complement of facilities such as viewing rooms, chapels, reception areas and a cemetery.

Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park has 2 crematory chambers on site. We welcome you to inspect our crematory area at any time and to see our complete control over each step of the cremation process. We use no outside companies or employees in any step of the cremation process. We feel the direct and absolute control of this process is vital in the assurance and peace of mind we can give to each family selecting cremation that all regulations & laws are followed and the best of care given to the deceased and the surviving family.