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Mountain View Funeral Home Opens State-of-the-Art Crematory

New crematory with welcoming witness area serves families of all faiths

Continuing our tradition of honoring a family’s faith, culture and traditions, Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory is proud to announce the opening of our newly upgraded crematory, which now includes a comfortable waiting/witness area.

Much like a graveside or memorial service, family and friends can now gather in the crematory’s bright and welcoming witness area to be present as their loved one’s casket makes its final journey.

The benefits of witnessing cremation are largely personal. For many Hindu and Sikh families, being present during the cremation is an important part of their faith, culture and traditions. For others who simply want to remain close to their loved one during the cremation process, it’s a respectful way to say goodbye.

“Each family comes to us because they’re confident we’ll provide the very best in service at what is an enormously difficult time in their lives,” said Clarke Thomson, general manager for Mountain View Memorial Park and Funeral Home. “We are committed to meeting the evolving needs of the families we serve and ensuring that every family has a meaningful remembrance experience.”

For more information about witness cremation or our cremation services in general, please call 253.948.9895.