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About Us

History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

As it moves into the future, Mountain View draws on a rich heritage. The Memorial Park was incorporated in 1915 by James Richard Thompson. In 1942 his son J. Arthur Thompson added the funeral home on the cemetery grounds. At the time a revolutionary idea, it was only the second funeral home/cemetery combination started in the United States. In 1956, Arthur’s son, Brewer B. Thompson, came to Mountain View. Under his leadership, Mountain View continued to grow. A second funeral chapel was built on the grounds, the operation was computerized, the staff grew in size to 68 full time employees, 80 more acres were acquired for the memorial park and the company became debt free.

Brewer’s daughter, Cindy Thompson, started as manager at Mountain View in 1987 after a career in healthcare. While working at Mountain View, Cindy received an MBA from Pacific Lutheran University . She became President of Mountain View in 1996 after her father’s retirement. In 2000, Cindy built the Celebration of Life Center which includes the Aspen Chapel and two reception rooms. Seeing the need for Mountain View to grow beyond the family heritage from which it began, Cindy arranged for North Star Memorial Group to acquire the park and she continues to serve as a consultant for Mountain View. For nearly 100 years, Mountain View Memorial Park has been part of life for the people of Tacoma.

Mountain View has 160 acres of property, 110 of which have been fully developed for cemetery use. The first burial took place in 1915 and since then more than 100,000 interments have occurred in the cemetery. The cemetery has about 1000 burials a year, and helps about 1400 families a year with funeral services. The cemetery continues to grow and is committed to preserving the beauty and peacefulness of the park. In the past few years we have developed an additional urn garden with over 3,000 inurnment spaces and another mausoleum structure, bringing the total of such structures to ten with over 5,000 casket spaces and over 10,000 niches for cremated remains. The cemetery also includes five veterans' sections and 53 other separate gardens for burial. Mountain View Memorial Park has an array of flora and fauna, including 181 different varieties of trees, 575 rhododendrons, and a prize winning rose garden and many varieties of birds and wildlife.

Our Valued Staff

Clarke Thomson

Clarke Thomson, General Manager

David Sweet

David Sweet, Sales Manager

Paul Friden

Paul Friden, Mortuary Location Manager / Certified Funeral Celebrant

Dave Montgomery

Dave Montgomery, VP of Cemetery Development and Memorialization

Kim Josue

Kim Josue, Office Manager

Dan  Lasham

Dan Lasham, Service Manager

Elayne  Best

Elayne Best, Accounting Manager

Cheryl Teifke

Cheryl Teifke, Sales Assistant

Lance  Morris

Lance Morris, Superintendent

Bob  Johnston

Bob Johnston, Funeral Director / Embalmer

Greg  Morley

Greg Morley, Funeral Director / Embalmer

Kirk  Oberg

Kirk Oberg, Funeral Director / Embalmer

Caitlin Baranko

Caitlin Baranko, Funeral Director / Embalmer

Brenda Perez

Brenda Perez, Funeral Director / Intern

For your convenience, in addition to English I also speak Spanish. Hablo EspaƱol

Megan Campbell

Megan Campbell, Embalmer/Funeral Director Intern

Rico Diaz

Rico Diaz, Funeral Director / Intern

Katrina Jacobson

Katrina Jacobson, Funeral Director / Intern

Brad Lasham

Brad Lasham, Funeral Director / Intern

Neil Beck

Neil Beck, Family Service Counselor

Carl  Chodowski

Carl Chodowski, Family Service Counselor

Carl  Cariaga

Carl Cariaga, Family Service Counselor

Mark Delmarter

Mark Delmarter, Family Service Counselor


Phuong "Kitty" Le, Family Service Counselor

Robert  Marshall

Robert Marshall, Family Service Advisor

Rodelio Polintan

Rodelio Polintan, Family Service Advisor

Benjamin Wilburn

Benjamin Wilburn, Family Service Advisor

Leise Kendall

Leise Kendall, Family Service Advisor

Mareta Lauolefiso

Mareta Lauolefiso, Family Service Advisor

Enid Metz

Enid Metz, Family Service Advisor

Timothy Aberegg

Timothy Aberegg, Family Service Counselor

Michael W. Merker

Michael W. Merker, Family Service Supervisor

Michael Lee Yi

Michael Lee Yi, Community Service Counselor

Ben Tran

Ben Tran, Community Service Counselor

Mary Lou Colorossi

Mary Lou Colorossi, Clerical/Administrative Specialist

Erica Holt

Erica Holt, Clerical/Administrative Specialist

Alyssa Fortin

Alyssa Fortin, Clerical/Administrative Specialist

Denise Sutherland

Denise Sutherland, Clerical/Administrative Specialist

Aubrea Wallace

Aubrea Wallace, Clerical/Administrative Specialist

Savannah Luna

Savannah Luna, Clerical and Administrative Specialist

Terri  Dahm

Terri Dahm, Clerical Administrative Specialist

LeAnn Morrow

LeAnn Morrow, Clerical Administrative Specialist

Jenifer Spencer

Jenifer Spencer, Clerical / Administrative Specialist

Sue Boggs

Sue Boggs, Clerical / Administrative Specialist

Christine Moore

Christine Moore, Clerical & Admin Specialist

Vicki  Reed

Vicki Reed, Receptionist

Kristina Osborn

Kristina Osborn, Lead Media Associate

Morgan Mecham

Morgan Mecham, Staff Associate

Aleks Bulkhak

Aleks Bulkhak, Media Associate

Larrie Fletcher

Larrie Fletcher, Staff Associate

Kai Vik

Kai Vik, Staff Associate

Sherri  Nugent-Loehr

Sherri Nugent-Loehr, Staff Associate

Loretta  Mangum

Loretta Mangum, Staff Associate

Marissa Ramirez-Nino

Marissa Ramirez-Nino, Staff Associate

Tristan Carlson-Walker

Tristan Carlson-Walker, Staff Associate

Chace Ward

Chace Ward, Assistant Superintendent

Christine Rose Walker

Christine Rose Walker, Cemetery Caretaker

Bobby McGee

Bobby McGee, Cemetery Caretaker

Frank McDaniel

Frank McDaniel, Cemetery Caretaker

Christopher Hale

Christopher Hale, Cemetery Caretaker

Elisha Parks

Elisha Parks, Cemetery Caretaker

Brian Peters

Brian Peters, Cemetery Caretaker

Jeremiah Sandstrom

Jeremiah Sandstrom, Cemetery Caretaker

James Wade Erickson

James Wade Erickson, Cemetery Caretaker